Assembly Officers

Assembly 100 Officers

2018-2019 Fraternal Year

Faithful Navigator- SK George R Ribellino, Jr.

Faithful Comptroller- SK Bud Boucher

Faithful Friar- SK Rev Reginald D Norman

Faithful Captain-SK Scott J Criscuolo

Faithful Admiral-SK Frank Verdone

Faithful Purser -SK Ron Miller

Faithful Pilot -SK Anthony J Armentano

Faithful Scribe -SK Bud Taylor

Inner Sentinel- SK Timothy J Horne

Outer Sentinel- SK Anthony T Cossuto

One Year Trustee- SK Al Latte

Two Year Trustee- SK William J Berger, PFN

Three Year Trustee-SK Scott Mazzo

Color Corps Commander-SK Scott J. Criscuolo


Knights of Columbus-Fourth Degree

Supreme Master-SK Dennis J. Stoddard

Vice Supreme Master-SK William McCarthy

Bishop James A. Healy Province

Connecticut District

District Master-SK Allyn Temple

District Marshal-SK Chris Randall

Chief of Staff-SK Kevin Donovan

Immediate Past District Master-SK Charles Sullivan

Membership Director-SK George Ribellino, Jr, DD, FN

Bridgeport Diocese Color Corp Representative-SK Scott J. Criscuolo, GK