Assembly 100 Officers installed for the 2017-2018 fraternal year

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Bishop Fenwick Assembly 100 held the installation of Assembly officers on Wednesday, October 4, 2017.  Former District Master Charlie Sullivan installed the officers with assistance from his wife Vivian, SK Lou Imperato and FN George Ribellino’s daughter Mia.  At the conclusion the officers and Assembly members enjoyed refreshments.   Below are the officers for the 2017-2018 fraternal year.


2017-2018 Bishop Fenwick Assembly 100 Officers

Faithful Navigator- George R Ribellino, Jr.

Faithful Comptroller- Dave McCarthy

Faithful Friar- Rev Reginald D Norman

Faithful Captain- Scott J Criscuolo

Faithful Admiral- Patrick J Finn, PFN

Faithful Purser -Scott Mazzo

Faithful Pilot -Anthony J Armentano

Faithful Scribe -Bud Taylor

Inner Sentinel- Timothy J Horne

Outer Sentinel- Anthony T Cossuto

One Year Trustee- Peter Richter

Two Year Trustee- Al Latte

Three Year Trustee-Bill Berger, PFN

Color Corps Commander-Scott J. Criscuolo

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